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Video: The Doc is In by Stanton-MD

We’re seeing descriptions of a condition called myocarditis associated with COVID. Myocarditis is the inflammation of the muscles that make up the walls of the heart. In this “The Doc Is In” segment, Emergency Physician, Dr. Ryan Stanton, looks at the condition, the symptoms, and the risks associated with getting it. “The Doc Is In”…MORE

Good For You!

Congratulations to: These winners of the Kentucky Department of Agriculture’s Poster Contest: Ashleigh McDonald and Jason McDonald, Waco Elementary Ryan Duffy of Kentucky Sports Video, named winner of the 2020-21 SVG College Outstanding Special Feature Collegiate Student Award for his video recap of Kentucky Softball’s extra inning win over Alabama. EKU’s Rylea Marcum, winner of…MORE

Auditor Releases Report on COVID Relief Funds

Auditor Mike Harmon’s office released a data bulletin that focuses on how the Commonwealth of Kentucky spent Coronavirus Relief Funds (CRF) provided through the federal CARES Act. The data bulletin details information provided by the Office of the State Budget Director (OSBD) on how $1.732 billion in CRF allotted to Kentucky has been used through…MORE

Good For You!

Congratulations to: These University of Kentucky professors recognized with the Great Teacher Award: Christopher Crawford, Dept. of Physics and Astronomy Joseph Hammer, Dept. of Educational, School and Counseling Psychology Clark Kebodeaux, Dept. of Pharmacy Practice and Science Chad Risko, Dept. of Chemistry Wayne Sanderson, Dept. of Biosystems and Agricultural Engineering Kathy Swan, Dept. of Curriculum…MORE

Video: The Doc is In by Stanton-MD

Diabetes impacts the body’s ability to process the sugars we get through meals and is processed through our body. Sugar can be a very important portion of fuel, especially for the brain, as it’s transitioned to a fuel source to help cells make the energy they need. In this “The Doc Is In” segment, Emergency…MORE

Americans are Intimidated by Their Finances

(SWNS)–Two in five (41%) Americans are intimidated by their own finances, according to new research. The study, which asked a nationally representative panel of 2,000 people about their knowledge of their finances, found that those who are intimidated by their finances are more likely to fit within the millennial age bracket. Millennials aged 25-34 are…MORE

Half Fear They’ll Never Be Able to De-Stress After COVID

(SWNS)–Half of Americans say that the COVID-19 pandemic has been so stressful they worry they’ll never fully be able to de-stress, even after it’s all over, according to a new study. The survey of 2,000 nationally representative Americans found stress levels have been so bad since the pandemic began that 25% would go as far…MORE

Where Did Your Snacking Habits Come From?

(SWNS)–What did you inherit from your parents? New research reveals our snacking habits may be – in part – due to mom and dad. A new survey of 2,000 Americans found 53% said they inherited their snacking habits from their parents. Respondents said food played an important role in their upbringing, with three in five…MORE

Video: The Doc is In by Stanton-MD

With all of the steps being taken to keep us safe from COVID-19, we saw hardly any of the common fall and winter infections that we typically see, especially in children. This includes RSV, human metapneumovirus, and the flu. In this The Doc Is In segment, Emergency Physician, Dr. Ryan Stanton looks at the return…MORE

What’s on Your Road Trip Playlist?

By Danielle Moore // SWNS–Six in 10 Americans have a carefully-curated playlist to set the mood when taking a road trip, according to new research. In a survey of 2,000 Americans, results revealed playlists are so essential that they may be the ultimate make-or-break for a successful road trip. Not having access to a playlist…MORE