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Good For You!

Congratulations to: Thomas Polites of Lexington and Tanya Priddy of Georgetown, appointed as Administrative Law Judges in the Department of Workers’ Claims. Jacqueline Burnsdie of Berea and  Phillip Prokes of Lexington, named to the Standards and Assessments Process Review Committee. Jaqethea Z. Johnson of the Univesity of Kentucky, named undergraduate student vice president for National…MORE

Poll: Has Pandemic Changed How Americans Feel About Health Care?

(SWNS)–Three-quarters of Americans agree that the COVID-19 pandemic is a sign that the U.S. should adopt a universal health care system, according to a new survey. The survey of 2,000 Americans, which was conducted by OnePoll, asked about their opinions on the COVID-19 pandemic and how well they believe the U.S. government has handled the crisis.…MORE

We Need Accountability Partners to Live Healthy, Study Says

By Zoya Gervis // SWNS–Half of Americans rely on their partners to keep them accountable for living a healthy lifestyle, according to new research. Doing it alone can be difficult, and according to the new poll, 68% of Americans say they need someone to hold them accountable for making healthy choices — with nearly six…MORE

Good for You!

Congratulations to: These 16th District PTA students who earned national recognition in the 2019-20 Reflections cultural arts program: Jax Thompson, Stonewall Elementary, Outstanding Interpretation, Literature Elliott Piatt, Wellington Elementary and Adrianna Wallace, Sandersville Elementary, Awards of Excellence in Music Composition Jessica Mukhopadhyay, Jessie Clark Middle School, Award of Excellence in Photography These Fayette County Public…MORE

CARES Funds Available for Some KCTCS Students

(KCTCS)–Eligible students attending the 16 colleges of the Kentucky Community and Technical College System (KCTCS) will soon receive information about how to request emergency funds for education-related expenses created by COVID-19. The funding is available through the Higher Education Emergency Relief Fund authorized by the Coronavirus Aid, Relief, and Economic Security (CARES) Act, which was recently…MORE

Video: The Doc is In by Stanton-MD

The Doc Is In – "COVID-19 Mask Protection" There has been a lot of conversation about how protective masks are in the fight against COVID-19. In this "The Doc Is In" segment, Emergency Physician, Dr. Stanton, demonstrates the proper way to wear a mask to give your best protection when in public. "The Doc Is…MORE

Good For You!

Congratulations to: These Fayette County Seniors awarded 2020 corporate sponsored National Merit Scholarship awards: Natalie Hayslip and Briana Thompson, Henry Clay David Manche and Graeme Marshall, Paul Laurence Dunbar. Anastansia Curwood, winner of the 2020 Dr. Doris Wilkinson Faculty Inclusive Excellence Award. Dr. Daniel Roush, professor in American Sign Language and Interpreter Education at Eastern…MORE