Good For You!

Congratulations to:

UK Softball infielder Erin Coffell, named Southeastern Conference Freshman of the Week.

Phoenix Shimfessel of Clark County, one of the winners of the 2021 Kentucky Saves Week Piggy Bank design contest, sponsored by the University of Kentucky Cooperative Extension Service.

Sarah Cummins of Nicholasville, named to the Kentucky Environmental Education Council.

These winners in Region 11 of the 2021 Governor’s Cup:

Ayush Tibrewal, Dunbar, Math

Zarhary Rossi, Henry Clay, social studies

Alexander Stumbur, Dunbar, language arts

Tess Shalash, Tates Creek, arts & humanities

Emily Hu, Dunbar, composition

Abby Steiner of the University of Kentucky, named Southeastern Conference co-runner of the week for two weeks in a row.

These champions in the junior division of the Kentucky High School Speech League’s 2021 Bluegrass Regional Tournament (All are from SCAPA):

Radio Broadcasting:  Bei Bei Sheng

Declamation: Sophie Watson

Cramatic Interpretation:  Eloise Logsdon

Duo Acting:  Maya Conner & Sofia Sweazy

Extemporaneous Speaking:  Ellie Naish

Humorous Interpretation:  Katherine Worrell

Impromptu Speaking:  Sophie Watson

Original Oratory:  Luka Mijatovic

Prose:  Sophie Watson

Storytelling:  Bei Bei Sheng

And these champions in the Senior Division:

Dramatic Interpretation:  Margaret Tiennot, Henry Clay

Duo Interpretation:  Edward Donson & Andrew Liu, Dunbar

Extemporaneous Speaking:  Sadie Bograd, Dunbar

Humorous Interpretation:  Edward Donson, Dunbar

Impromptu Speaking: Sadie Bograd, Dunbar

Improvisational Duo:  Sanaa Kahloon & Irving Morris, Dunbar

Informative Speaking:  Nyasha Musoni, Dunbar

Original Oratory:  Emily Xiao, Dunbar

Poetry:  Nyasha Musoni, Dunbar

Prose: Margaret Tiennot, Henry Clay

Storytelling:  Samantha Miculinich, Lafayette

Gatewood Bell, named Vice President of Racing at Keeneland.

David Clark of Lexington, nominated to the U.S. Military Academy by Sen. Rand Paul.

UK basketball player Isaac Jackson, named Southeastern Conference Freshman of the Week.

Mark Isaacs of Lexington, appointed to the Kentucky Workers’ Compensation Funding Commission.

These first place winners in the Kentucky 2021 Junior Beta and Senior Beta Conventions:

Camilla Lindahl, Leestown Middle School, Math 8th Grade

Andrew Peng, Bryan Station High School, Math 10th Grade

James Grant, Bryan Station High School, Spanish 11th Grade

Victoria Lowe, Bryan Station High School, Spanish 12th Grade

John Park of Lexington, named to the Kentucky Board of Veterinary Examiners.