Good For You!

Congratulations to:

These Gold Medal winners in the Scholastic Art & Writing Awards from the Alliance for Young Artists & Writers:  Tuesday Hadden and Amelia Loeffler, both from Lafayette High School.

These First-Place winners in the 2020 Educators Rising Kentucky conference:

Jayda Josey and Natalie Hollon of Lafayette–Children’s Lit (Pre-K)

Noah Langford of Bryan Station–Creative Lecture (TED Talk)

Bridget Studebaker of Frederick Douglass–Educations Rising Moment

Rylan Grantz and Kala Decker of Lafayette–Inside Our Schools Presentation

The Henry Clay High School Debate Team, which captured its seventh straight state championship, as well as these First Place winners at the Kentucky High School Speech League’s 2020 state tournament:

Chloe Sachs, Henry Clay, Novice Lincoln-Douglas Debate

Jack Lofwall, Henry Clay, Varsity Lincoln-Douglas Debate

Caksha Pillai, Dunbar, Novice Public Forum

These First Place winners in the 2020 Central Kentucky Regional Science & Engineering Fair:

Grades 9-12

Jamari Taylor, Henry Clay-Plant Sciences

Noah DeCastro, Lafayette-Biomedical Engineering

Sydney Sun, Paul Laurence Dunbar-Animal Sciences

Henry Blyth, Paul Laurence Dunbar-Behavioral and Social Sciences

Zoe Jenkins, Paul Laurence Dunbar-Biochemistry

Jina Park, Paul Laurence Dunbar-Biomedical and Health Sciences

Saisha Dhar, Paul Laurence Dunbar-Cellular and Molecular Biology

Fernando Maccchiavello Cauvi, Paul Laurence Dunbar–Chemistry

Alan Luo, Paul Laurence Dunbar–Computationsl Biology and Bioinformatics

Seun Adekunle, Paul Laurence Dunbar–embedded Systems

Tharanie Subramaniam, Paul Laurence Dunbar–Earth and Environmental Science

William Ding, Paul Laurence Dunbar–Engineering Mechanics

Jason Wang, Paul Laurence Dunbar, Mathematics

Emma Jinright, Paul Laurence Dunbar–Microbiology

Lohith Tummala, Paul Laurence Dunbar–Physics and Astronomy

Nicole Wong, Paul Laurence Dunbar–Robotics and Intelligent Machings

David Bulakh, Paul Laurence Dunbar–Systems Softward

Khalid Sashad, Paul Laurence Dunbar–Translational medical Science


Grades 5-8:

Emma Natof, Beaumont Middle School–Animal Sciences

Kiran Koul, Beaumont Middle School–Cellular and Molecular Biology

Kaden Mahoney, Beaumont Middle School–Physics and Astronomy

Kate DeHoag, Cassidy Elementary–Chemistry

Jacob Hall, Edythe J. Hayes Middle School–Biomedical and Health Sciences

Paisley Sproul, Edythe J. Hayes Middle School–Plant Sciences

Gerald Winkler, Morton Middle School–Earth and Environmental Science

Lars Byrup, Morton Middle School–Engineering Mechanics

Olivia Poff, Morton Middle School–Materials Science

William Brown, Morton Middle School–Mathematics

Katarina Salisbury, Morton MIddle School–Microbiology

Haasini Beeram, SCAPA at Bluegrass–Biochemistry

Colin Clevenger, Southern Middle School–Behavioral and Social Sciences


Grade 4:

Owen Reynolds, Brenda Cowan Elementary–Microbiology

Liam Fike, Brenda Cowan–Engineering

Kate Hastings, Cassidy Elementary–Animal Sciences

Stella Gooch, Clays Mill–Physics and Astronomy

Luca Zupancic, Julius Marks–Materials Science

Jack Lainhart, Meadowthorpe, Chemistry

Louis DeSalvo, Rosa Parks, Medical and Health Sciences

Vivaan Bhaskar, Wellington–Earth & Environmental Sciences