Election Results 2019

Election 2019


Reporting: 100%

Andy Beshear–38%

Rocky Adkins–32%

Adam Edelen–28%

Geoff Young–2%


Reporting:  100%

Matt Bevin–52%

Robert Goforth–39%

William Woods 5%

Ike Lawrence–4%


Secretary of State-Democrat

Reporting:  100%

Heather French Henry–71%

Jason Griffith–13%

Jason Belcher–13%

Geoff Sebesta–3%


Secretary of State–Republican

Reporting:  100%

Michael Adams–41%

Andrew English–27%

Stephen Knipper–18%

Carl Nett–14%


Attorney General-Republican

Reporting:  100%

Daniel Cameron–55%

Wil Schroeder–45%


State Auditor-Democrat

Reporting: 100%

Sheri Donahue–47%

Kelsey Hayes Coots–33%

Chris Tobe–20%


State Treasurer-Democrat

Reporting:  100%

Michael Bowman–66%

Josh Mers–34%


Commissioner of Agriculture–Republican

Reporting; 100%

Ryan Quarles–82%

Bill Polyniak–18%


Commissioner of Agriculture–Democrat

Reporting: 100%

Robert Haley Conway–60%

Joe Trigg–30%


Fayette Circuit Judge

Reporting:  100%

Julie Muth Goodman–55%

John Reynolds–21%

Tommy Todd–11%

Steven Stadler–7%

Todd Page–6%