Good For You!

Congratulations to:

These Fayette County Students who received awards at National History Day in Kentucky:

Siiri Ensmann of Winburn Middle School, Outstanding Political History Award.

Andrew Snow of Leestown MIddle, Outstanding Sports History Project.

Layth Rahman and Yasin Kahn, Winburn Middle, first place, Junior Group Website.

Liam Demann of Winburn Middle, first place, Junior Individual Website

Alexander Stumbur, Winburn Middle, first place, Junior Individual Exhibit.

Becca Arsmtrong, Lafayette High School, first place, Senior Individual Exhibit.

Kimra Cole, named President and Chief Operating Officer of Columbia Gas of Kentucky.

Jenny Dixon, hired as Education and Real Estate Industry Coordinator for Kentucky REALTORS.

Those awarded honorary degrees by the University of Kentucky:  Stephen B. Bright, Yvonne Giles, Jim Host, Howard Lewis, Reese Terry, Jr.

These winners of the University of Kentucky’s Patricia Brantley Todd Awards of Excellence in the School of Human Environmental Sciences:  Jill Harris, Dawn Brewer and Amy Kostelic.

These first-place winners at the Technology Student Association’s 2019 state conference and competition:

Aidan Hall, Lexington Traditional Magnet, Dragster

Takumi Tarianto and Daryen Rodriguez Saucedo, LTMS, Problem Solving.

Megan Basham, Alayna Fraser, Asher Jack, Faith Summers and Kaycie Yockey, Southern Middle, Biotechnology

Megan Basham, Southen Middle, Career Prep

Caden Tobin, Southern Middle, CAD Foundations

Gabe Mattingly and William Allen, Southern Middle, Challenging Technology Issues

Megan Basham, Faith Summers, and Kaycie Yockey, Southern Middle, Children’s Stories

William Allen and Lucas Poynter, Southern MIddle, Coding

Faith Summers, Southern Middle, Digital Photography

Luke Jacobs and Dhruv Upreti, Southern Middle, Electrical Applications

Lucas Wright, Southern MIddle, Flight

Andrew Fraser, Brooks Theis, Bryce Schaffer, Davis Miller and Luke, Day, Southern Middle, Inventions & Innovations

Braxton Karl and Hope Meyers, Southern Middle, Junior Solar Spring

Luke Day, Andrew Fraser and Faith Summers, Southern Middle, Leadership Strategies

Owen Cornett, Elijah Eppley, Braxton Karl and Jack PredergastSouthern Middle, Medical Technology

Luke Jacobs, Caden Tobin and Dhruv Upreti, Southern Middle, Microcontroller Desibn

Asher Jack, Luke jacobs, Philip Lamartinier and Dhruv Upreti, Southern MIddle, Off the Grid

David Miller, Southern Middle, Prepared Speech

Hope Meyers and Philip Lamartiniere, Southern Middle, Structural Engineering

Dhruv Upreti, Gabe Mattingly and Philip Lamartiniere, Southern Middle, Tech Bowl

Luke Day and Andrew Fraser, Southern Middle, Technical Design

Emily Xiao, Paul Laurence Dunbar, Extemporaneous Speech

Wenbo Fan and Angela Wang, PLD, Forensic Science

Erin Stratton, Katie Pack and Alina Mueez, PLD, On-Demand Video

Alan Liao, Joey Ilagan and Simon Harris-Palmer, PLD, Video Game Design