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Video: Elk Bugling in Montana

It’s mating season in elk country and when a bull is serious, he “bugles.”  Here’s what that’s like.MORE

How Many Meals do you Eat Alone?

Does “dinner for two” sometimes mean “you and your device”? Even when you’re dining alone, you’re often not alone. According to new research, Americans eat 387 meals by themselves every year. But alone doesn’t always mean lonely. That’s fortunate, because Americans are eating by themselves – or in the company of their phone – regularly.…MORE

Trebek Says Cancer May End his “Jeopardy” Run

Trebek Says Cancer May End his “Jeopardy” Run

Alex Trebek says his pancreatic cancer may mean the end of his time at ‘Jeopardy!’ By Elizabeth Wolfe and Saeed Ahmed, CNN (CNN) — After months of battling pancreatic cancer, Alex Trebek is hinting that his long tenure as host of “Jeopardy!” may be nearing an end. Trebek told CTV he has begun to get…MORE

Your Job is Only as Good as Your Co-Workers

Flexible hours and opportunities for growth may be valued in the job market, but as one study shows, they aren’t the secret for successful workplaces. Instead, it’s having good co-workers. In a new survey of 2,000 employed Americans, the overwhelming majority – 84 percent of respondents – agreed that a job can’t be great without…MORE