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Study:  Social Media Use May Harm Teens

Study: Social Media Use May Harm Teens

It’s estimated that seven in ten Americans now use social media.  New evidence suggests those platforms may be harmful to teens’ mental health.MORE

International Lefthanders Day

Wonder what it’s like to see the world from a “left-handed” point of view? On International Lefthanders Day, August 13, you get to explore that world for a day. Did you know Presidents Ronald Reagan, Bill Clinton and Barack Obama were all left-handed?  Rock out with Paul McCartney or Jimi Hendrix, the world’s greatest left-handed…MORE

What Would You Give Up to Avoid Doing Chores?

By Marie Haaland // SWNS–From pretending to be sick, doing a bad job on purpose or inventing a work task, new research shows the majority of chore-doing Americans have given their partner one of these excuses to get out of doing housework. Of those who do housework, two-thirds (67 percent) admitted that they and/or their…MORE

The Doctor is In

There has been a lot of discussion in the news and social media about sunscreen and the potential that the very products made to protect us, could be hurting us. In this “The Doc Is In” segment, Emergency Room Physician, Dr. Ryan Stanton, examines the chemicals in sunscreen and offers suggestions on the types that…MORE

National Disability Day

National Disability Day on December 3 is a day to help everyone become more compassionate and understanding of the challenges faced by people with disabilities. The day doesn’t discriminate between mental and physical disabilities, and the spirit of the day is to ensure that all people in the world have equal opportunities for work, play,…MORE

America’s Biggest Travel Nightmares

(SWNS)–From canceled flights and natural disasters to frantic, last-minute searches for accommodations, it can cost the average American traveler at least $570 – and upwards of $4,198 – when things go wrong on an airline trip, according to new research. In fact, from being the victim of pickpocketing to canceled flights, being vomited on by…MORE

Here’s a List of Things That Get Harder as We Get Older

 By Doug Shields Picking things up from the floor, opening jars and getting up and down the stairs have emerged as the everyday tasks which are more likely to become harder the older you get. Researchers who surveyed 1,500 over 60s also found adjusting to new technology gets trickier, as does carrying out household chores…MORE

Average Job Hunt Takes Five Months

by Tyler Schmall Modern-day job hunters take five months on average to finally land a position, according to new research. A study into the job-hunting experiences of 2,000 Americans examined exactly what people go through in the often-arduous process of securing employment. Results showed the best part of half a year is now the average…MORE

Survey Shows Favorite Holiday Foods

(SWNS)–As we approach the holiday season many a willpower will be tempted and ‘cravings guilt’ is set to sweep the nation according to new research. A new study of 2,000 Americans into their holiday eating and willpower found that 75 percent of Americans experience “cravings guilt” over the holidays after giving into their favorite foods.…MORE

National Beer Lover’s Day

It’s National Beer Lover’s Day. Beer and the process of brewing beer may predate our current understanding of history. The crafting of beer carries rich traditions, often requiring years of training and experience in the trade while the methods, grains, and flavors continues to change and evolve over time. To become a brewmaster, it may…MORE