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Girl Shows Dad Her Priorities

Girl Tells Dad She Loves Mum More That's got to hurt… 😂🤦‍♂️ Posted by LADbible on Thursday, September 19, 2019MORE

Helicopter Chainsaw

I want to be in the meeting where this idea was proposed — Tariq Rauf (@tariqrauf) September 18, 2019MORE

New Guidelines: No Plant-Based Milk for Children Under 5

Most young children shouldn’t drink plant-based milk, new health guidelines say By Jen Christensen, CNN (CNN) — Most children under the age of 5 should avoid plant-based milk, according to new health guidelines about what young children should drink. Plant-based milk made from rice, coconut, oats or other blends — with the exception of fortified…MORE

Wine Wednesday

With Jim Taylor of Cork and Barrel in Lexington. It’s Wine Wednesday with Jack Pattie and Jim from Cork & Barrel!🍷 Posted by WVLK on Wednesday, September 18, 2019MORE

What Makes You Overspend?

(SWNS)–Sticking to a budget can be tough and you’re not alone if you agree. According to a new poll, Americans admit to spending $7,429.24 over their budget every year. The research found that, while only three in four Americans (74 percent) say they have some type of budget ‒ 79 percent of those still have…MORE

The Doc is In

The Doc Is In – "Asthma" If you have asthma, you know that it's a serious condition that needs immediate attention when an attack happens.In this medical segment, Emergency Physician, Dr. Ryan Stanton, talks to an asthma patient to find out more about her condition and the types of treatments that are available. "The Doc…MORE