Good for You!

Congratulations to:

Winners of the Library Science Tuition Scholarship:  Sylina Adkins, Paris-Bourbon County Public Library and Heather Tackett, Jessamine County Public Library.

Doug Boyd, Director of University of Kentucky Libraries’ Louie B. Nunn Center for Oral HIstory, recipient of  a Fulbright U.S. Scholar program award to conduct research in Australia.

These First Place winners in the Section 24 Sixth Grade Showcase:  Daniel Lee, Tates Creek in Math, Thomas Yuan, Beaumont in Science, Ayaan Arain, Winburn, in Social Studies, Ayaan Arain and Siddhi Viswanath, both from Winburn, in Language Arts, Hasita Karthikeyan, Beaumont, in Arts and Humanities and Ayat Gondal and Rithika Chopra, both of Beaumont, in Composition.

Elizabeth Whitney of the University of Kentucky College of Education, selected as College/University Teacher of the Year for Health Education by the Kentucky Association of Healthy, Physical Education, Recreation and Dance.